Monday, 27 January 2014

Update for The alchemist Cover

I'm so sorryyyyyy for the late update. Let finish this cover for us can move on the newer project, right :.D
After the previous, I change the title a bit. Here it is:

But after present to the publisher, they want there's an image of main character on the front cover. It likes that:

Until now, I had the right felling to meet the publisher's idea. I put the small main character in a big desert, press the loneliness of him and the silence of desert. And the publisher is happy with it. This is the final version of front cover:

and the full cover:

Thank you for your patience :.D

Saturday, 31 August 2013

The alchemist

Rên was suggested to illustrate the cover of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in Vietnamese version. We are interested in this project so decide to post the whole making of process in here.

This is the first sketch and first typo

kinda old and too simple so I inverted to make it stronger and add a little details

We send them this sample and wait for feedbacks. That's all today, hope you like it :.D

Sketches hand by hand no.2

Long time no seeeeeeeee,
We're so sorry cause we made and finished some sketches of this event but forgot uploading in here. So we do it right now, okay :.D

We want this series is about girls in rough sketchs. And here are some steps of no.2 :.D

 First step by Rên

 The second by Giang like the last one

And the third by Rên

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Yay, here is the final step of black & white sketch

And the finallllllll. We are very happy with this event, so keep doing it again, more and moreeeeeee

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sketches hand by hand

Hello world :.D

Even we worked as illustrator 3 years ago, but till today we set up a blogspot for updating works daily. And because this main reason, I will post a studio's exciting event right now. It is about a painting with steps are drawn by our different illustrator.

This is a very first sketch by Thanh Vu Nguyen a.k.a blueRAIN but we will use Rên for short in this blog :.D

The second by Hoang Giang Pham.

And here is the newest step until now, by blueRAIN.

We will keep updating it soon cause it is very fun and maybe with the old works :.D
Hope you guys will love it like we did :.D